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2019 Reminder

General / 30 November 2019

Hello Everyone (those of you still following me anyway XD)

So 2019 has been a very good year for me , I did work on alot of projects both personal and professional.

My wife gave me the most amazing gift of all two baby girls (twins but not identical, lucky me :D ).

Moved into another country to work with Framestore on some cool projects.

I wanted to write this blog post as a reminder for me (and maybe for you too) that hard work pays off, I`am very certain that I`am not better than alot of artists out there (and in my country) and I know how hard it is to get a job abroad (if you are not from Europe, USA or Canada), but what I know is how hard I was trying and how hard I will keep working.

The universe has a way of giving back, I always like to think that luck favors hard workers.

for you out there who is practicing so hard and it feels like there is no use, just keep doing what you are doing and someday it will work out for the best, I can`t say how or when but I know for sure if you keep trying you will end up doing what you like 

Thanks for reading my none-sense :D ! 

and just to make it some how art related I did a couple of crunches to get things going (been very focused at work with no personal work lately)

and I started using Artstation store with a couple of things I have done if you like them buy them ! 


Cheers all ,