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Zbrush Summit 2022

News / 19 October 2022

I have the pleasure to announce that I will be representing Framestore (along with Amina Tan) in this years Z-brush summit (2022) with an impressive lineup that one can only be humbled to be part of this group of presenters (still not sure how I got among these awesome artists).

We are preparing alot of cool stuff and hopefully it will be useful and fun to watch, I will try to share few techniques that I use on daily bases (using zbrush of-course) looking forward to sharing everything we did !

don`t forget to set a reminder for our presentation !



Hand Studies - Crypto drops

General / 21 September 2021

Hello All, 

this was a fun side project I did a while ago and afterwards dropped them as NFTs (check them here ) 


The Goat-man....thing

General / 29 October 2020

Hello Hello ,

this started as a "quick" face sculpt/practice and then got carried away with the body .... 

this is hugely inspired from a concept by Dan Moore ( his concept is much better than my sculpt XD )

thank you for watching !





one more

General / 22 May 2020

one more throw back of quick project I did (last one I promise XD)

based on the very amazingly cute concept of Aleksey Baydakov (



Another ThrowBack

General / 15 May 2020

This doodle was based on a concept by 

I really like his art and thought it is about time I try to sculpt something from his concepts, I know alot of things could be better but for me it`s time to move on and learn something new from another piece


Ooo - Throw back doodle

General / 09 May 2020


thought of posting some images (throw back) of stuff I have been doodling on (sort of weekly quick practice) and didn`t get a chance to show them here....

starting with this one ! ... based on a concept by the amazing Randy Bishop

cheers ! 


2019 Reminder

General / 30 November 2019

Hello Everyone (those of you still following me anyway XD)

So 2019 has been a very good year for me , I did work on alot of projects both personal and professional.

My wife gave me the most amazing gift of all two baby girls (twins but not identical, lucky me :D ).

Moved into another country to work with Framestore on some cool projects.

I wanted to write this blog post as a reminder for me (and maybe for you too) that hard work pays off, I`am very certain that I`am not better than alot of artists out there (and in my country) and I know how hard it is to get a job abroad (if you are not from Europe, USA or Canada), but what I know is how hard I was trying and how hard I will keep working.

The universe has a way of giving back, I always like to think that luck favors hard workers.

for you out there who is practicing so hard and it feels like there is no use, just keep doing what you are doing and someday it will work out for the best, I can`t say how or when but I know for sure if you keep trying you will end up doing what you like 

Thanks for reading my none-sense :D ! 

and just to make it some how art related I did a couple of crunches to get things going (been very focused at work with no personal work lately)

and I started using Artstation store with a couple of things I have done if you like them buy them ! 


Cheers all , 



Anatomy Studies (Facial)

General / 22 June 2019

it  was a journey started on instagram by Glauco Longhi and I tried to follow , thought of leaving them here as well 


80 Level Interview

Making Of / 10 April 2019

Hello everyone

I had honor to be interviewed and write a little breakdown on 80 LEVEL about my last personal project "Blood Elf"
I really hope that it would be useful to someone :D I tried my best to be organized and Clear (hopefully)

Thanks 80level for the Opportunity



General / 27 December 2018

**Throw Back

a sculpt I did a while ago but never posted it online , I have not posted as much as I wanted this year (been a rough one) but I will do my best and work harder the coming one "2019" and soon I will upload a new piece I`am working on, merry Christmas and happy new year everyone !