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One More Batman !!

General / 01 October 2018

I think after the Batman day one more Batman won`t Hurt , right ?

I had a few free hours and thought of creating this doodle of batman and thought it would be fun to make it like the comics rendering style.

and a screengrab from Zbrush 

Some of the steps 


Anatomy Exercise 01

General / 10 June 2018

Foot day XD 

so I thought about getting more anatomy Practice and here is the first body part , I was watching a traditional sculptor sculpting a foot on youtube and thought about replicating his technique digitally (steps below) and after sculpting I did a quick polypaint and threw it into arnold to render

 any crits are welcomed


Best , 



WingFeather-Girl character Doodle

General / 04 June 2018

so a few days ago a friend of mine sent me an artwork by Nicholas Kole (The WingFeather Saga) and thought it would be a fun exercise/practice if I Created a 3d version of the concept and give it a sort of "toy" treatment (the way it looks and rendered) , I had fun and hope you like it

(took a few days work after work hours )


A pose

Clay render of the character 

  Girl modeling/sculpitng steps

Dog sculpting steps 


Doodle: Ps4 Girl

General / 23 May 2018

New doodle I started a few days ago , been lazy for a while now so thought of warming up based on a concept by Gui Guimaraes and around 2-3 days (8 working hours divided on the week ) final colors are polypaint

some of the steps


and threw the sculpt into keyshot (left) and arnold (right)

and finally some marmoset images , always interesting for me to see how you can get so many mood and cool images using different rendering solutions

Thank you for going all the way to the end , stay tuned more doodles on the way

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Thanks , 



Frost Giant

General / 15 May 2018

TB : thought about sharing an old model I sculpted a while ago (just a doodle)