The Barbarian

Antone magdy final image

The Barbarian

Antone magdy sheet
Antone magdy details


Antone magdy hands


Marmoset turntable

Antone magdy wires01


Barbarian Idle test Animation in Maya Viewport

The Barbarian

Hey everyone this is my latest piece , it was a collab between me and My good Friend Max Grecke , it all started when I saw his artwork "Sunday Barbarian" and I loved it , hope you guys like it

The low-poly sits at almost 20,000 triangles
I used 2048 maps for head and body , and 2048 maps for the accessories

I used Zbrush for sculpting , 3Dsmax for modeling , substance painter and substance designer for textures,Topogun for retopo, Knald for baking and Marmoset toolbag for rendering (also tried some animation in maya viewport rig was made by Ahmed Shalaby)