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Lylla, Floor - Guardians of The Galaxy VOL3

Bonus task was to sculpt the damaged face for High Evo at the end of the movie

Lylla, Floor - Guardians of The Galaxy VOL3

I had the privilege of leading the facial team for this project, supported by an exceptional team including Andrea De Martis and Ronan Carr Fanning. My primary responsibility entailed the facial modeling of Lylla (preceded by Rishikesh Nandlaskar's excellent work on the model) and Floor, where I aimed to strike a delicate balance between endearing qualities and realism. Andre Santos was the rigging genious behind the scenes, while Tamas Kurdi led the modeling team.
We were working closely with VFX Supervisor Alexis Wajsbrot, Animation Supervisor Nathan McConnel , Creature Supervisor Markus Schmidt and ofcourse James Gunn to reach this end result, I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did working on it.

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